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My arrival in Brussels was somewhat challenging

Arriving in my classic disorganized and unprepared fashion that I like to call ‘Winging it’ meant jumping out of the car on the side of a main road with no Euros, nowhere to stay and no idea where I was. I also arrived with a mighty hangover and very little sleep from the night before. Given that first impressions really do count – I wasn’t exactly making it easy on Brussels! Ironic really as most of the above problems were exaggerated if not caused my copious amounts of the famous Belgian export – Stella Artoirs

Anyway, within an hour or so I had managed to get things back on track, had some Euros and booked myself into the closest hostel. For dinner I enjoyed a dirty chicken kebab which was basically raw, tasteless and overpriced. Despite my worst fears it hasn’t killed me yet.

Impressed with my achievements I had an early night and read a book.

In a break from my traditional walkabout I spent most of the day on Monday ‘Metro Surfing’ my way around Brussels. Much cheaper and less stressful than the Tube, the metro in Brussels makes seeing the city pretty dam easy and in just two days there I’ve managed to see almost all the main areas, the automation, the European commission, the European parliament, the very impressive central square, men with moustaches smoking huge cigars, kids running around doing that funny French kiss where you put both hands to your mouth and then blow a kiss, extending both your arms (when something is fantastique), the Belgian Soho (by mistake of course), the ‘Egyptian Passage’ and the most Italian restaurants I have ever seem on one road!

I’ve eaten Waffles with whipped cream and Belgian chocolate and enjoyed absolutely no Belgian beer.

On Tuesday I enjoyed a few more hops around the city before departing Luxembourg station for Luxembourg city.

Luxembourg, population 450,000 is small, clean, wealthy and picturesque. To avoid confusion the capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg. Its a small city which is dramatically spread over a large valley. It’s covered in Churches, banks, expensive jewelry shops and very posh market stands. There is small band that plays Christmas carols whilst you shop and if you drink five local beers you wake up with a very sore head.

This is definitely a place to enjoy a romantic weekend break but I’d save it for the summer and start saving now.

I’m leaving now for Zurich via Basel


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