Arrrgghhhh I hate 3 “Welcome to our rubbish Network”

Dear everyone, the nice people at 3 have now disconnected my phone. Although this means it is only slightly more useless than it was before now I can’t recieve texts as well as send them.

Throw in a 12 pound phone call via England to India to speak to 3’s customer services (read: usless waste of time) for good measure and 3 have just won Eddy’s most hated company award.

I could write for hours with the numerous things that they’ve managed to screw up but, that’s not a nice thing to do to the good people (that’s you) who take the time to read this site. However, please bare in mind that email is now my only contact with the outside world.

If I manage to get it working again before I hit the age of 83 i’ll let you all know.

On a positive note, all is good here in Sofia (Bulgaria). And my current home is the fantastic Hostel Mostel. For just 10 Euro’s i’m getting a bed, an all you can eat breakfast and free pasta and beer in the evening. At this price I might never leave!

Bulgaria feels much more Turkish than Serbia but, despite being so far south the weather has been even worse. In between the thunder we’ve managed to see a few sights though and managed a lot of sitting in cafes and drinking coffee and beer.


PS – If anyone know’s the legal in’s and out’s of mobile phone contracts for services that don’t work please email me. I need your help.

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  1. Edd, your a backpacker – you dont need a phone…

  2. Edd, your a backpacker – you dont need a phone…

  3. Edd

    I’m a flash-packer. I need gadgets.

  4. Edd

    I’m a flash-packer. I need gadgets.

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