In the last two days I’ve travelled over 1044 kilometers between 3 differnt countries. That’s 680 kilometers from Lviv (Ukraine) to Budapest (Hungary) and 364 Kilometers from Budapest to Belgrade (Serbia). Thinking it would be very rock’n’roll I even threw in a whole day drinking and dancing at a massive music festival (Sziget) in Budapest!

While the journey to Budapest and the day at Sziget were great – last night was anything but Rock’n’Roll, but i’ll explain about that later, in short I had to sleep on the floor of a corridor of a very packed train.

So, I’m currently having fun in Belgrade and from here I plan to go to Sofia in Bulgaria. If I manage it, it means I’ve pretty much done Eastern Europue from North to South. Sofia, one of Europes highest capitals is supposed to be great (and cheap) so I’m looking forward to it.

Belgrade has really pulled it’s socks up in the last two years and its a differnt place from the Belgrade of two years ago. A group of us from the hostel went out last night and partied on a boat on the river Sava which was good fun and tonight we’re off for some traditional Serbian food, which means – meat.

Also, if anyone has tried to call my mobile in the last month or so, you will probably have been un-sucessful. This is because it’s rubbish. I can revcieve text messages – so keep on sending them but, I cant send any and I can’t recieve incoming calls. 3 (my mobile operator) are currently Eddy Enemy No.1


PS – As many people have pointed out – I never mentioned crow-bar man before. He was a crazy, crow-bar waving Belarussian driver. Thankfully he wasn’t waiving it at me!

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