Did you go to Apenheul? If so, you are probably looking for some photos, right? Well, you’ve found the right place but unfortunately I haven’t found the time to upload any just yet but please bookmark this link or return to this page in the next couple of days and I hope to have them ready for you.

In case you missed my Dads email, this is the one he cc’d me on…

“Dear all,

Just to say that we have a selection of photographs from Apenheul for
you to see.

I think it would be great if we shared a wide range of shots from
different people and I therefore suggest that you send up to 6 or so of
your nicest shots for inclusion on a web page where everyone can see
them. Please send electronic pics to my son at:


and he will load them onto the http://www.bearder.com web site for
everyone to view!”

Thanks Dad 😉

Posted from: www.bearder.com