A ramble in progress

Hello people! …This one is going to be long and rambling so make sure you’re sitting comfortably and with a good supply of suitable stimulants. It’s also a work in progress so expect the odd change here and there..

I’m going to kick of before Christmas since I haven’t really written much since then.

During early November, Working long, dark and often difficult shifts we started to formulate a plan for the next stage of Bearderism and continued Bearder expansionism. After many late night meetings, costly consultations with our legal team and 12 kidnappings we were ready to expand Westwards across Oxford and take 21 Stable Close. This plan was executed over the next few months and completed on Friday the 7th of January with the taking (final purchase) of number 21.

Behold our new house:

Not only does this give strategic access to the train station, town and the Thames but – Domino’s Pizza is about 500 meters away. Result. Whatsmore, as we were able to keep the other house at the Glebelands as an investment property. While this is all good fun, going it alone with no letting agency has been a pretty steep learning curve and involves way more work and hidden costs than you might expect! Finding tenant’s, fire-proofing funrniture, un-blocking smelly blocked drains to name a few.

Anyhow, before all that completed in January there was Christmas, my first days off work since May, and an 8 day mission to Slovenia for New Years!

Christmas was quiet and enjoyable – so thanks to everyone for your presents and thanks to the impressive 3 people who took the time to send me a Christmas card. I will remember your generosity next year when I fail to write any of my own cards again 😉

Slovenia was far less quiet and even more enjoyable. Instead of spouting on about it – there’s a quick photo summary after this message.

The full set can be seen here:New Year 2004/5

2005 – The year of love

Well, actually 2004 may have been the year of love and 2005 the year of marridges. Not one, not two but three of my close friends decided to tie the Knott last year (aka turn to the dark side) and most surprisingly, they include James Moyer who, only a few months before had been a single, slightly strange Welshman. Anyway – congratulations to all of them and I look forward to donning a suit and enjoying the free dinner the recetion. BTW, Stig and Mark you are front runners in the race for 4th place with Stuey holding an outside chance.

For anyone not looking to get married, Miller (still bitter about relationships) is starting a ‘Say no to love’ campaing. Membership is £5 and monthly meetings are held down the farm.

The wannabie cosmopolite

Anyone who’s known me over the past year and a half (since I got back from my original European adventure) is likely have been bored to tears with my constant talk of more traveling and probably even more bored by the fact that I haven’t gone yet. Well, it is true that I still want to escape again and it is true that I completely failed to do it last year. However, last year there were so many un-expected changes (mostly for the better) to the great Eddy plan and none of them led towards an extended break to the apogee of Europe. Still – I’m not going to shut up just yet and, if you’ve got time for a beer I’ll bore you to death with my new plan… OK, not just now.

Random 2004 observations…

Favorite graffiti

“War is for people with no friends” – Iffley Rd, Oxford

“Yenkies go home” Ljubljana, Slovenia

Strange Things

The man who attends Brookes gym wearing large rubber gardening gloves


Google.com – Bearder.com is back at the top 😉

Dictionary.com ‘Word of the day’ – Can you spot any above?

tol.cz – very good essays on South Eastern Europe and Russia

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    It’s a yo-yo – your site is not bearder top today. Just why are we checking?!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s a yo-yo – your site is not bearder top today. Just why are we checking?!

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