Vote Bearder X

Typical – having resisted for the last 3 days, I finally gave in this morning and put on a pair of shorts and …now it’s raining. Also, is it just me or does anyone else feel like they have to run everywhere when they are in shorts? …Just me? – OH , OK.

Anyway, today being the 10th of June means we all get to exercise our democratic rights in both local and European elections so, I hope you have all been or are planning to go down to your local polling stations. Whatsmore, if you live in Blackbird Leys I hope you have been down to your local polling station and voted for ME. That’s right, I am your local Lib Dem candidate. Look here if you dont believe me 😉

If you don’t do politics – do this site

Finally, I think we should spare a thought for all those university students who have exams on at the moment. Why do they put exams in the summer? I’m sure it’s just to add to the torture. Mind you I should think myself lucky, Oxford have gone one step further and insisted that all exams are completed in full graduation dress! Unlucky.

Anyway, I have work to do and victory speeches to write…



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