For those of you who don’t already know – I finally graduated, no I mean really graduated – ceremony and everything. Held at the Bournemouth International center on Thursday 13th, we all donned our robes and then clapped each other and some woman in a chair for nearly two hours. Still, I was looking pretty cool. Friday night was the the graduation ball so nedless to say we all put a few beers away whilst smoking a big fat cuban (thanks Pete). However, the weekend wasn’t all good since our place in Oxford got robbed on Saturday night. Some dude climbed through the kitchen window, emptied stuff all over the front room and made off with his loot at about 6am in the morning. Although he didn’t take too much stuff, he did take my digital camera and along with it all the photo’s from the weekend!. Whats more (and possibly even worse) is, he also stole 3 tickets for circuit training at the Uni Gym. I suppose even robbers need to watch the belly. The rest of this week has been pretty quiet but I’d just like to mention how I beat Jay at tennis on Sunday – 2sets to 1. Unlucky Jay.

Finally – good luck to England on Saturday. We need to win so I can really annoy the Australian dude Andrew in the next office.


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