AAAAARRRGHHH!!! I just wrote a whole page and then lost it!

…I feel like crying.

I really can’t be bothered to write it all again so here’s the basics:

I went back to Slovenia (for the 4th time)

Met some cool people (Jed how’s tricks?)

Went to a few villages.

Saw some caves, some white Horses and some Turkeys.

Did loads and loads of walking.

Went to Austria and spent too much money.

Caught a flight home and met another nice Slovenian!

Got home – Yes I am now home.

Am I happy to be back? Not sure yet. Why?

I loved being away

I am broke

I have to get a job

I am sleeping on the floor

I’m not seeing much of that weather you were all talking about!


I have been away

Am enjoying seeing everyone again

Am looking forward to a change in career/direction

I can use my phone again.

What next here? Also not sure – If I get time I will write up my diary as a proper travellouge and narative to all those photos so keep your eye on this page. However, I may not be updating it so often as I can now speak to most of you face to face or on the phone.

Finally, thanks to everyone who I met whilst I was away and I promise i’ll try and mail you all as soon as I get time. Honest I will, I think …maybe.

Ciao – Ian aka ‘Edd’

PS. Amanda Gril – I hope you had a great time in England, how were those Northern people? and don’t forget about my parade (with the big leather chair!) – I’ll see you in merry December!

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