I am trying to like Americans – I really am, but I am sat here trying to upload some photos and a whole group of American blokes have just come in to play computer games. Not only are they paying to play shot-em-ups whilst in one of the most beatiful cities I’ve been to, but they are screaming as loud as possible right in my ear. They seem to believe that this is actually a real military operation. Quote “I’ve seen a bogey over there ..1 o’clock” “…I see him man, OK he’s wasted ..oh shit!”

Really, if they keep this up the little pixel dudes on there screen will be the least of their worries. Bogey Bearder will use his keyboard to waste’em all.

Oh and I’m now in Krackow in Poland. The place is heaving with people but it’s no wonder. It has a fascinating history and plenty of sights for the tourist. My hostel is like a Hotel and it is ‘cheap as chips’

Bye for now and hope you like the new photo’s.

“…They’re snipering too …Jesus Christ!”

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