Yay! – I’ve found an Internet Cafe that lets me use a CD rom and install programs. I was starting to think they didn’t exist.

Me and Tim have moved up from Mostar to Sarejevo and this place is doing surprisingly well. Although there are still many scars of the recent war, the place is a mix of old traditional shops, crafts and religous buldings along with young trendy and lively bars.

Being 80 Muslim finding a beer isn’t always simple, but that does’nt seem to stop them having fun. Had a traditional meal last night and then watched the funniest (worst) live Turkish singer.

This morning we’ve been looking around the city center and the Sarejevo Art Gallery. It is quite emotional being here though and this morning we also saw a precesion of 3 lorrys of exhumed bodies from Srebrenica massacre being moved though the city. The whole place stood still and raised there hands in respect.

We’ll probably be here till the weekend since there is a lot to see and then head for Budapest in Hungary. IB

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