Kiev looks naked

Having completely shed its autumn clothes ready to be wrapped in winter snow, Kiev is currently standing almost embarrassingly naked.

OK, so it is kind of novel to be here in December and not be freezing one’s tits off, but its doesn’t feel right. The city trees look like they’ve just emerged from some skinny dipping, only to find that the bushes have run off with their clothes.

However, the absence of -30C temperatures does mean I can still enjoy the city on my days off. 
Kiev hides a fascinating world behind the main streets and tacky shop-fronts, so I went exploring yesterday to see what I could find near my apartment. I’ve been here on Artema street for more than 6 months, but hardly know the area. I found all of this within less than a kilometer from my door…

Oh, and finally, there’s Kiev’s much ridiculed and highly ridiculous Christmas cone, point, tree. 
Complete with LCD televisions as decorations! It is impossible to to admire such unashamed kitsch.  

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  1. The Christmas tree looks nice from far ;)).

  2. The Christmas tree looks nice from far ;)).

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