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Good Communism?

Facebook and farmers markets – feeding the social self. 

> Usage trumps possession 
> Access is better than ownership
> Social networks are redefining our values and our society allowing us to produce less and reuse, repair, recycle and redistribute  
> Don’t keep up with the Jones’s – connect with them…

These are all points Rachel Botsman raises in her refreshingly optimistic view of the future and her exploration of our connected future. 

As the RSA puts it “an emerging culture and economy of sharing, swapping and trading that is transforming how and what we consume.  Fuelled by a mix of drivers including the rise of new technologies and social media, a rethinking of traditional market principles and a renewed belief in community, many more people are now sharing not just material goods, but also experiences, skills and time.

Join Rachel Botsman at the RSA to find out how the millions of small contributions that make up collaborative consumption are accumulating to create a new kind of wealth, where commerce and community meet.”

So, while I’m appalled that she babbled on about without so much as a reference to the long-running pioneers in this area – and, on the whole she makes a great case for a future in which we define ourselves through interaction and not ownership. 

If you missed the link above you can listen here:

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“Britain is the only country where people will introduce you to a friend by saying: ‘this is my mate Barry, he’s a bit of a twat'”
~: Reginald D.Hunter
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Ljubljana (Slovenia) Local To Do Tips | Spotted by Locals blogs

Ljubljana (Slovenia) Local To Do Tips | Spotted by Locals blogs

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Tate Britain : Art Project, powered by Google

Tate Britain : Art Project, powered by Google

The world’s best artwork …brought to you in your armchair

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