Riga, I gotta leave ya…

I came to write my fairwell but it’s just taken sooo long to get all my pictures fixed – I’m outta time

However, it’s enough just to say that I’m still in Riga (although I did go out of town exploring today) and still without a real plan. However, I’m gonna head to the coast tomorrow with a Dane and a Yankie and then we’ll take it from their. But anyway, this is another journey and has no place here on the Road to Riga so, to get the usual Eddy updates from now on, please return to my original hiding place – bearder.com.

For the photos. Please click your mouse on this link

You’ll find a few like this…

Finally, can I just echo Pete’s sentiments and thank eveyone who helped, look after and hosted us over the past two weeks – you’ve all been fantastic. Also, many of you have emailed over the last few days (pete included) and I promise I’ll get back to ya’ll asap


Airport blog – Riga – Day 15


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  1. Anonymous

    Tell me those tattoos are temporary! {:-[

  2. Anonymous

    Tell me those tattoos are temporary! {:-[

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