Made it to Utrecht in The Netherlands for a late lunch with Mili.  We forgot to wind our clocks forward an hour so as a result turned up late.  Ian and I had a few cross words when we got ourselves low on fuel in the middle of the city, but we’d made up after a sleep and in time to arrive in Alkmaar.
Our host in Alkmaar  was fantastic and took us out for a night on the town.  Bearing in mind that we only has 2 hours sleep on Friday we slept through until 1.30pm this morning.  Our mission today is to drive trough Germany and get to Lubek in time for the Germany-Spain Euro Cup final.  Another wild night in the making.   My poor head!!
Thanks to all of the messages, keep them coming.

Yes, the Windmills are everywhere. This one’s in Alkamaar – our home for the night.