Still no sight of my bells-and-whilstles two-times visa! But I have faith it’ll arrive. Maybe in a month or so.

So, in the absence of this or any other news, I’ve been compliling my entry for the best 10 driving tunes competition.

Do we have a deadline for this Pete? and can I submit 13 songs and pretend there’s just 10?

Finally, you’ll be pleased to hear that Obi (my car) is OK. The water pump had gone Chernobyl. (for those who don’t know, I had a few minor car issues on Monday) but, the superbly reliable Mr Mark Purcell Ltd had it fixed in 2 hours. It did however cost me £176. That’s three quaters of the total price of Ralph ‘the dog’ Rover! …and almost as much as a Russian visa

Mr Edd