A true believer in taking my chances while I can, I’ve been using my unemployed status as a ‘chance’ to re-patio our back yard. OK, I say ‘I’ but I mean me and my brother Tim. He’s been taking his holiday as that chance.

What started on Thursday as ‘Tim – d’ya think we could re-lay those loose slabs’ has turned into 5 days (and counting) of digging, lifting, moving and cutting.

Admittedly, like many of our DIY projects, we started with no idea what we were doing but thanks to google, the ‘paving expert’ and much trial and error we are now almost novice. I can also claim to be semi-competent at cutting things (including my finger) with an angle-grinder and Tim makes a mean ‘dry mix’. Power tools rock.

We’ve gone for a big circle design stuck half-way into the lawn and half-way into the existing patio which actually looks better than it sounds. I think a patio-party will be in order to celebrate it’s completion – whenever that is. Me and Tim can stand around looking proud while informing everyone that slabs and flags are actually the same thing and that Power Saws give fast, neat cuts but, some cuts will still need to be hand trimmed.

Otherwise all things here are nice and regular (read pretty much the same) except I have moved into my 41st bed since June and now occupy my own room!, well – it’s not mine but it is for now if you see what I mean? No? Oh, and I have just started to build my parents new computer – a welcome relief from heavy labour and a great chance to baffle people with new age cyber-babble


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