I just remembered two of the best lines from the weekend, just as we were grabbing a taxi from Carfax to the Zodiac we bumped into one of Pete’s (quite attractive) ex-colleagues.

> Pete introduces her to Tim

> attractive ex-colleague: “Pete, why does your brother have to be so weird?”

> Pete introduces her to Me

> attractive ex-colleague: “Pete, why do you have to have so many brothers..?

Two questions I think Pete has been asking himself for years.

Also, in another strange twist this weekend we had a visit from an un-lucky Lithuanian. Seriously – it’s strange, but true. He rang the door bell at about 7.30 and was asking Tim to phone the police. Not knowing what to do (would you? – I never learnt that at school) Tim came back to declare, “There is a foreign man and the door, come, he might speak a foreign language!”

He was right, there was a Lithuanian boy and he spoke a foreign language. Actually he spoke two, Lithuanian and Russian, or maybe more, but unfortunately not English. Not a word, no “My name is Dimitri, I am from Panevezys, I would like an Orangina…” – nothing.

Anyway, it turns out (thanks to Midge for speaking to him in Russian) that the poor lad was 18, from Lithuania, had arrived in England today, got stood up by a friend in Oxford, had been walking for hours and then got mugged for £1000 cash. That is a shit day.

So, we gave let him in, phone the police for him, provided a phone with Midge on the end and waited for the police to arrive. Apparently he kept repeating two things; that he wanted to phone the Lithuanian consulate and, that his feet hurt.

I suppose, however he ended up here and how much truth there is in his story is open to speculation (it’s hard to gauge sincerity in Lithuanian) but, it turned that he had knocked on a number of doors before ours and nobody would help him. Nobody would phone the police for him. That, people of Great Britain is wrong.

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